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Weather Blog 8/15/2017

Welcome back to the Monsoon Southwest Weather blog and the main topic is a overall great monsoon season. Rain totals across the area are looking good and we have had a very good monsoon season so far. Over the last couple weeks the monsoon has been less favorable with dry southwesterly winds prevailing. We are […]

Weather blog 7/11/17

Welcome back to the Monsoon Southwest Weather blog and the main topic is Rain!!! Finally the moisture surged up from the Gulf of California and saturated our area. Over night was some nice rain storms southeast of phoenix, around pima and cochise counties. I will say it was not a usual monsoon start with the […]

Weather Blog 6/27/17

Welcome back to the Monsoon Southwest Weather blog and the main topic is the heat is on. The rare high pressure was strong, and very hot. We did get some rain relief in my area of Southeastern Arizona on Tuesday the 20th, check out the video with only very little so since then. With some […]

Weather blog 6/16/17

Welcome to Monsoon Southwest Weather blog and want to start with very unseasonably and possible record breaking temperatures next week. Right now the humidity for Southeastern Arizona is 2% which is super dry with dew points in the negative. Next week temperatures in Southeastern Arizona will range from 107° – 116° in some areas  and […]

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