Weather blog 6/16/17

Welcome to Monsoon Southwest Weather blog and want to start with very unseasonably and possible record breaking temperatures next week. Right now the humidity for Southeastern Arizona is 2% which is super dry with dew points in the negative. Next week temperatures in Southeastern Arizona will range from 107° – 116° in some areas  and we will be under a extreme heat warning. One thing to keep in mind is the power consumption is going to be extreme with everyone using AC units and blackouts are always a concern at this time. If a blackout occurs in the hottest part of the day during our heat wave you can keep cool by visiting the library, store, movie theater, hospital, bowling alley, local swimming pool, or somewhere with a generator or not affected by the blackout that is open to the public to cool off can help. Also make sure to know the signs of heat illness and when to seek medical attention. Always check with the local weather service for list of cooling centers that are open to the public and alerts. But the high pressure that is bring us this heat wave is what is needed to start the monsoon cycle of the cooler moist air on the ocean drawn in when very hot air in land flow outwards towards the ocean for a flow of moisture in our area with help with high pressures that form overhead like what is happening now. Can’t wait for our monsoon season to start and get some nice cool rain storms. Till next blog and stay safe in this heat wave.