Weather blog 7/11/17

Welcome back to the Monsoon Southwest Weather blog and the main topic is Rain!!! Finally the moisture surged up from the Gulf of California and saturated our area. Over night was some nice rain storms southeast of phoenix, around pima and cochise counties. I will say it was not a usual monsoon start with the dry westerly winds turning into dry east winds that is usually not that way. But all that has changed with the winds bring in moist air. In my area not as big as storms compared to the 1st storm we got and video posted in the last blog. It looks like good chances for rain all week and thru next week. Also Eugene has downgraded to a tropical storm but it was a major hurricane with winds over 115 mph at one point, so the eastern pacific tropics are fired up. One more I finally registered the website so it is now Till next weather blog be safe and hope you get some rain in your area, thank you.